Andrea Reisen: Healing Spirits


Here are the highlights of my interview with Andrea Reisen: Healing Spirits on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Andrea Reisen?

Andrea is far beyond just an herbalist and plant lover. She has a spiritual connection with the earth and believes in being in harmony with all of creation.

She and her husband grow organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms on their 30-acre farm in Wallace, New York.

When they aren’t working in the fields, you can find them sharing philosophical conversations over a cup of brewed tea, doing yoga, or teaching at herbal and agriculture conferences throughout the US and Canada.

Overcoming Darkness

Andrea is no stranger to failure.

She and her husband, Matthias tried their hand at dairy farming and ended up moving on from that venture when they realized it wasn’t financially viable.

It was from there that they looked back at herbs through a business lens. This also allowed them to keep and use the land that they grew to love.

Reisen also shares, “A lot of our kids were adopted and they came with special needs that the medical profession wasn’t really answering them. So we needed to look at alternatives, and the plants were very helpful.”

Her Next Big Project

The newest endeavor, coming this Spring, is growing and harvesting small heritage grains!

Plus, the need for classes and workshops has grown. In that, the education space on the farm is now being used by other local healers and teachers building community and sharing wisdom.

Shining a Bright Light

Andrea’s commitment to never giving up has the power to lift up any struggling solopreneur. She says you have to always look at where you are going, even if the present circumstances don’t exactly match.

“When you work with plants and when you work with Nature, you just know that there is a flow.”


I loved my time with Andrea because

She is a brilliant, passionate lady full of heart and perseverance. Even with all the praise and being referenced in respected texts as an herbal leader, she maintains a high level of humility. Her joy for life, plants, and connecting with others through healing modalities is super inspiring!

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