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Here are the highlights of the interview with Kay Fabella - The Story Finder on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Kay Fabella?

Kay is a storyteller and brand strategist, who crafts words for entrepreneurs to master their message, pivot their business efficiently, and connect with the people they were meant to serve.

A Los Angeles native based in Spain, she's worked with solopreneurs to Fortune 500s in English and Spanish. She has also been featured as an international speaker, writer, and storytelling expert in the Huffington Post and El País. When Kay's not making brand story magic, you can find her with her Spanish husband and their two cats, eating her way through Europe, or jet-setting between LA and Madrid.

Overcoming A Big Initial Business Challenge

Kay found herself with an amazing opportunity to write a series of blog posts for an influential online marketer in Spain. Of course, she jumped at the chance only to quickly realize that she wasn’t ready. Things like not having her DIY site backed up, translated into Spanish, or a way to capture emails from interested visitors arose.

After her site crashed, she had to regroup and rebuild her website.

Ultimately, this was a blessing in disguise as she was able to craft something so on point for her ideal clients and craft a home on the web in both English and Spanish.

Her Next Big Project

Story School is a 6-week online program where Kay walks you through how to get clarity on your story and share your message with confidence and ease. She takes the guesswork out of how to pivot with purpose quickly and efficiently.

With this offering, Kay also provides a 1:1 consultation with her to kickstart your momentum.

Shining a Bright Light

Fabella says -

Story touches all of us.

People are invested when they see your Chapters 1 through 10, not when they see your perfect Chapter 11.

When you know yourself, you don’t really have to compete with other people. You just naturally attract people who are aligned with your message and feel connected to you.

I loved my time with Kay because

She is just so charming not to mention one sharp cookie! She truly knows the value of relationship, story, and connection. I think so many of us can benefit from learning how to show our authentic self and share our lives with our tribe.

Connect with Kay: https://kayfabella.com/



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