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Here are the highlights from my interview with Kerry Jones of Indigo Tones on Women Developing Brilliance. Enjoy!

Who is Kerry?

Kerry Jones is a certified color analyst. She utilizes the color science of Albert Munsell combined with the Seasonal Color Theory of the Impressionist painters to bring about color harmony.

She says, “Harmony happens when people are in alignment with their personal colors.”

She combines her passion for teaching, natural alternatives, career development, personal enrichment and color throughout her work.

Overcoming Struggles

When Jones first learned about color theory, she was using her teacher’s swatch books in her business.

(For reference, a swatch book is an integral tool which provides the client with their personal color wheel.)

Unexpectedly and tragically, her mentor was killed.

This left Kerry, and several of her peers in the color analysis field empty-handed and spinning in circles for a solution.

Confident in her vision, Kerry set out to create her own line of swatch books. After pouring through hundreds of colors and countless starts and stops over a 2-year process, she was able to develop a fabric plume for all 12 color tones.

She says, believe in your idea and never give up!

And it’s good she had that attitude + fortitude. They have now become a sought-after creative asset not only for her color clients but for artists and designers as well. In fact, she just received an order from Switzerland!

Her Next Big Project

Dedicated to providing color clarity and even more tools beyond the in-person consultation, Kerry’s next big endeavor is creating online programs that will go even deeper into each of the twelve color tones, history, style, and more.

The plan is to launch the digital modules in 2019.

Shining a Bright Light

She believes the Universe conspires to help you when you’re on the right path.

She says, be more of who you are and less of what the fashion industry says you should be. She advocates how important it is to understand who we are uniquely and enhance that.

I loved my time with Kerry because

She uses color to help people cultivate more energy, joy, and positivity in their lives. Yes, please! Also, her dedication to her work and pioneer efforts in creating her own innovative system that other’s can benefit from is super inspirational.

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